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Peter Spears, aka SPAER is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is a founder of the Brooklyn based psych pop band Psymon Spine, which recently released their sophomore album, Charismatic Megafauna via Northern Spy Records. Highlights of this release involved collaborations with Barrie and Adam Vanwyngarden of MGMT as well as being added to playlists such as Spotify’s Undercurrents and Fresh: Indie. Paste Magazine described the album as “Viscerally catchy, equal parts candy treasure and mystifying voices in the dark.” / “A galvanizing tea steeped in fragrant leaves of techno, dance-punk, psychedelia and pure pop.”

Throughout the 9 years of working with Psymon Spine, Peter continued to experiment and explore different genres and styles. He created the moniker, SPAER as a musical test kitchen with which to uncompromisingly explore all his musical interests. SPAER records folk, ambient, dance, hip hop, hardcore, indie, psych rock, classical and everything in between. He has been a longtime collaborator with the animator/director, Morgan Gruer, and has produced songs and scores for her animations and short films.  SPAER has worked closely with other vocalists and rappers and maintains close relationships with a variety of long term collaborators. 

Between his uninhibited exploration as a solo artist and his involvement in Psymon Spine, Peter is equipped with a deep understanding of pop music as well as a plethora of experiences working in a wide array of genres. He loves conveying moods and emotions through his work, and can have a listener dance, laugh or cry with a flip of the switch.

Contact me if you'd like to hear a larger selection of unreleased music

Audio Reel

Featuring Original Music by Peter Spears and Collaborators 

Featuring Original Music by Peter Spears and Collaborators 

Featuring Original Music by Peter Spears and Collaborators 


"Da Sola" 2021

Animation by Morgan Gruer

Score by SPAER

"Ghosted" 2020

Short Film by Morgan Gruer

Original composition,

Silo by SPAER ft Money Penny 

Song starts at 5:35

"Reflections" 2016

Animation by Morgan Gruer

Score by SPAER and Colleen Schikowski

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